What is your thing?

What’s your thing?
Mine is helping others. When I was younger, I thought you had to have money in order to help others, and since I didn’t have money, I thought there was no way for me to help. In the past few years, however, I’ve realized just how much I have to offer besides money.
I am great at research and planning and paying attention to all of the little details that bore other creatives to tears. I am great at networking people around their passions, not just surface interests. I am a great writer and communicator.
So I’m ready to get to know you and your book and the niche market where it belongs. I’m ready to connect you with freelancers who will work with you in ways that work for you. I’m ready to help you develop a social media strategy to get you and your book in front of your audience.
And you can name your price. If you can’t pay anything, we’ll work that out, too. Because this is a service, not a business. Because helping you find your thing? That’s my thing.
Get in touch today: lydia.evelyn.thomas@gmail.com.
Currently booking authors of inspirational fiction and nonfiction through October 2016. Let’s get you booked!

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