How does your target audience use the internet?

Authors, if you want to effectively position yourself and your writing on social media, you have to know how your target audience uses social media, and you have to operate on social media within that.

For example, last week I shared that my target audience as an author is female educators, and it is my goal to be a resource for them. How did I get there? I did some research on teachers and discovered that 92% use the internet to access content, resources, and materials and nearly 70% use it for idea-sharing with other teachers. Educators are always looking out for things that will help them reach their students. So whether it’s developing a free Bible curriculum or using my writing to implement a campaign that raises support for good causes (sometimes educational) and provides entertainment for educators or just constantly thinking in terms of examples and illustrations, I am committed to being someone educators look to when they need something.

So. I’ll ask again: how is your target audience using social media? Your strategy for effectively positioning yourself and your book online and getting it into the hands or digital readers of the people most likely to enjoy on it hinges on the answer. Of course, none of this matters until you know who your target audience is.

I can help you with that. I want to help you with that. Maybe you’re wary of reaching out because I sound too good to be true, but I am the real deal. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with me. Email me at so we can get you booked.


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